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Art  is Music 

It is just a different way to express

Welcome to my world of color, ideas and expression through my eyes and my hands.  Art has always been a meaningful part of my life and to be able to share any part of it is one of my dreams.

To me, a successful watercolor painting invites the viewer in and captures their attention by giving them a sense of wanting to see more.  Some paintings are soft and watery, peaceful, and some are filled with bursting color that excites the senses.

I paint a myriad of subjects and am deeply involved with them all.  When painting an animal or person if you can capture the eyes, the soul of the subject, you have the painting.  If you cannot capture the eyes the painting does not work.  It is true with all of my paintings, regardless of the subject, there is always something that has to be captured for the painting to work which hopefully captures the attention of those viewing it.

I hope you enjoy this website, it is an ongoing project and always subject to change.

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